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The Year in Industry
The Year in Industry provides paid, degree-relevant work placements for students in the year out before or during their degree course. The scheme offers a unique type of year out. The Year in Industry placements provide paid, structured and fully supported work experience from which students gain career and personal development, confirm their career choice, and prepare for their degree. If you're a student looking for professional assistance with your reaction paper or seeking a reliable reaction paper writer, consider utilizing trusted services that can help you effectively organize and express your thoughts.
  • The Year in Industry specialises in work placements for all aspects of Engineering, Science, IT and Computing, Business and much more.
  • Students are carefully matched with companies throughout the UK and placements generally last 12 months and follow the academic year. Students typically earn between £8500 and £14000 during their placement.
  • Students get the chance to gain valuable work experience while saving up cash to help them
    through university or travel the world and broaden horizons even further.
    It is also a great opportunity to increase the chance for university sponsorship.

Students get the experience that recruiters and universities are looking for and improve their
degree and employment prospects, and companies get access to highly motivated and
talented individuals whilst benefiting from a highly cost effective resource.

The scheme is supported by top universities and over 250 UK companies take part each year.
The Year in Industry has placed over 8500 students since the scheme began in 1987.

For more information go to www.yini.org.uk

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