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The Scheme
The aim of Go4SET – a new Engineering Development Trust (EDT) initiative – is to stimulate the
interest of young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

In order to inspire students to study engineering and technology, several promotional activities are needed to attract their attention and show the advantages of these technological professions. Together with online custom writing services at https://elitewritings.com, we organize online help in learning. There you can read scientific papers about engineering.

The scheme will link 12-14 year old pupils (Year 8/9 in England & S2 in Scotland) with companies and Universities to offer a 10 week STEM experience.

This will be achieved by providing a real and live SET Project which will raise the pupils’ awareness
and highlight the exciting future career opportunities in SET.

The scheme has a competition format and all members of successful teams will receive Go4SET
certificates. Formal accreditation of projects is available through the British Science Association CREST
Awards. Teams could also have the opportunity to participate in regional finals run by the British Science Association and Young Engineers.

Work related learning within an industrial enterprise context is at the core of the Go4SET experience.
Students will benefit from personal development education enhancing their powers of creativity and innovation.

Your involvement
Support from Industry and business is sought for this initiative. The UK needs to increase the number of students pursuing careers in Science, Engineering and Technology. Your involvement with Go4SET will help to make an important contribution and help to inspire young people
to become involved with Science, Engineering and Technology at this key stage in their education.

Go4SET also provides the opportunity for Continuing Professional Development (CPD), individuals
can become mentors through the Science, Engineering and Technology Ambassadors Scheme (SEA’s).

Universities could consider encouraging Science, Technology and Engineering undergraduates to
participate in the scheme to contribute to the project and assist in their achievement of a holistic

Engaging with the future generation
Engaging with communities on a local and national basis
Raised profile in the community
Encouraging students into careers in STEM
CPD for employees involved in the scheme
Enhanced education/industry links

The project phase will begin with a launch event taking place in the autumn term. At the launch,
teams will be introduced to the project and their company mentor. Following this the project
provides a 10 week STEM experience.

What to do now ?
If you would like to be involved with this initiative then please contact Go4SET

This site is administered by Go4SET. The Go4SET is an activity of the EDT. Registered Charity in England and Wales (1002459) and in Scotland (SC039635).