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Headstart is a well-established education programme held in the summer at 30 universities providing Year 12/S5 students interested in mathematics or science with informed choices regarding technology-based degree courses and careers. Mathematics and natural sciences are very interesting to study, but not very popular among students. But after completing the courses, they make progress and write good papers. Some students take homework help from services and buy term papers online.

Primarily designed for 16 and 17 year-olds, Headstart provides a taste of university life at the time students are making their university decisions. Over 1500 (including 400 who are 13 or 14 years of age) participate in a series of:

• practical problem solving activities
• lectures and presentations
• visits to local technology companies
• meetings with recent graduates and academics

The programme provides an opportunity for students to experience life as an undergraduate
by living and working at university and also enables them to identify sources of funding
and support.

In addition to a wide range of broad-based Engineering courses, Headstart also run a
range of specialist courses including Focus and Insight courses and Dragonfly and
Spectrum modules.

Additionally, Headstart Focus Courses for Teachers offer a wide range of one-day seminars at university where CPD-based projects are delivered by university staff.
63% of Headstart students tracked through university are reading MEng courses and in total, 46% of Headstart participants are young women.

For more information go to www.headstartcourses.org.uk

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