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The Scheme
The aim of Go4SET – a new Engineering Development Trust (EDT) initiative – is to stimulate the
interest of young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The exact sciences are not as popular with young people as marketing or foreign languages. Our college, together with the rewriting service explores the benefits of mathematical and engineering sciences and attracts students to go to such faculties.

This will be achieved by providing a real and live STEM project which will raise pupils’ awareness of and
highlight the exciting future career opportunities available in SET.

Go4SET provides the pupils with the opportunity of working with and being mentored by Scientists, Engineers and Technologists chosen from the complete spectrum of SET disciplines.

Participating teams will be able to draw on the experience of the link company/organisation and gain
an understanding of their project within a specific industrial context. The scheme will link Year 8/9
(England ) and S2 (Scotland) pupils. Go4SET will provide an experience which will empower them to
make informed decisions about their Key Stage 4/Standard Grade options particularly with regard to STEM
subjects and courses.

Work related learning within an industrial enterprise context is at the core of the Go4SET experience.
Students will benefit from personal development education enhancing their powers of creativity and

The project phase will begin with a launch event taking place in the autumn term.
At the launch, teams will be introduced to the project and their company mentor. The
teams will receive seminars on problem solving, project management and teamwork preparing them
fully for the 10 week STEM experience.

Celebration Event
The project outcomes will be assessed at a celebration event where the teams are required to
display and present their solutions and will be interviewed by a panel of assessors. Each team will
produce a short project report and each individual will produce a logbook detailing her/his input into
the project.

The scheme has a competition format and all members of successful teams will receive Go4SET
certificates. Formal accreditation of projects is available through the British Science Association CREST

Teams could also have the opportunity to participate in regional finals run by the British Science Association and Young Engineers.

Benefits to pupils
Work related learning
Experience of industrial enterprise
Wider awareness of STEM within a global context
Teamwork and problem solving
Promotion of creativity and innovation
Project management and presentation/communication skills
Personal Development Education

Benefits to the school/college
Work related learning opportunities for students
Creativity and innovation allied to the Curriculum
Enhanced work related learning links
Enhanced industrial/business links
Enhanced links to HE/FE institutions
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers linked with industrial awareness
Input into careers guidance
Personal Development Education

What to do now ?
If you would like to be involved with this initiative then please contact Go4SET

This site is administered by Go4SET. The Go4SET is an activity of the EDT. Registered Charity in England and Wales (1002459) and in Scotland (SC039635).