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The Engineering Development Trust (EDT) is an independent registered charity whose mission is to encourage young people to fulfil their potential through careers in science, engineering and technology. This project is aimed at helping young workers develop, as well as motivating students to go to engineering universities. Students are satisfied with the results of their studies because it is very interesting to explore these fields. Our partner also helps them pass exams and write their master thesis.

EDT is a leading national provider of work related learning programmes targeting 12-21 year olds, bringing companies and universities together with schools and students to work on real projects.

EDT comprises 4 programmes; Go4SET, Engineering Education Scheme (England and Scotland), Headstart and The Year in Industry. All EDT schemes are members of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Best Programme.

Please visit www.etrust.org.uk to find out more about EDT

This site is administered by Go4SET. The Go4SET is an activity of the EDT. Registered Charity in England and Wales (1002459) and in Scotland (SC039635).