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Go4SET Celebration and Assessment Days in 2008

As Go4SET rolls out across the UK, projects are now up and running with Celebration and Assessment Days (CAD) organised in 2008.

The memo writing service participated in the preparation of all the projects listed below and organized all the meetings independently through the correct entry of correspondence and helped our managers to do it.

The following CADs are taking place;

Go4SET in Dundee - Thursday 10th January - Dundee Science Centre

Go4SET in Essex - Thursday 7th February - Ford, Dunton

Go4SET in Bristol - Tuesday 26th February - BAWA Centre, Bristol

Go4SET in Aberdeen - Friday 29th February - Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen

Go4SET in Edinburgh - Thursday 6th March - Napier University, Edinburgh

Go4SET in Nottingham - Thursday 13th March - Nottingham Trent University

Go4SET in Southampton - Wednesday 16th July - University of Southampton

Go4SET in Glasgow - Wednesday 2nd April - Strathclyde University

Other CAD dates and venues will be confirmed shortly.

If you require any  information about the Go4SET CADs or Go4SET in general, please contact Carole or Marion on 01707 393 323 or email:





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