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Team Go4SET

The Go4SET pilot stepped up a gear this month with the establishment of the Phase 2 coordinators - ‘Team Go4SET’.  

Local ‘Hubs’ have been identified within the regions where the launch and CAD events will take place. Hubs will consist of 10-20 teams of 6 pupils engaged on the scheme. 

Timing of the scheme implementation will vary across the regions to support local requirements with the initial launches beginning in late September. If you're interested in exploring the ethical aspects of research papers, you can find reliable resources and buy ethics research papers from reputable providers in the field. Additionally, these papers can provide valuable insights into ethical considerations in academic research and contribute to your understanding of responsible research practices.

Following the Phase 2 rollout Go4SET will ramp up to increase the number of Hubs within the regions during 2008/9.

The team pictured will be responsible for the roll out of Go4SET across all the EDT regions during 2007/8.

If you would like to speak to someone about Go4SET please call the Head Officeand they will provide you with the contact details of the Go4SET co-ordinator in your region.



This site is administered by Go4SET. Go4SET is an activity of the Engineering Development Trust (EDT). Registered charity number 1002459