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Go4SET Celebrate Pupil’s Success in Glasgow

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About how it was created, what positive effects it brought, how many students worked on it, and how much time it took.

Congratulations to all the teams who took part in the Go4SET pilot in Glasgow. The Go4SET Water Conservation Project was announced at the launch event in December and teams have worked on the project for 10 weeks.

The Celebration and Assessment Day which marked the end of the project in Glasgow was held at the Teacher Building, 14 St Enoch Square, Glasgow in March and was great success.

The project brief asked pupils to look at their school/college and identify a suitable building or the entire school site to assess the potential of reducing mains water usage. The pupils demonstrated their individual projects to a group of assessors and discussed their projects with guests attending the event. The project reports, displays and solutions were of a very high standard and the judges had the unenviable task of deciding upon the winners of the prizes. 

Congratulations to St Roch's Secondary School for winning the Best Overall Prize at the Go4SET Celebration and Assessment Day.

The Guest of Honour, Sandra Lowson, National Project Manager for the Scottish Science and Technology Network (SSTN), presented the team with a prize cheque of £250 for the school and the Go4SET trophy.

The other prize winners who were also presented with their prizes at the event included;

· Springburn Academy who won the prize for innovation
· Johnstone High School who won the prize for teamwork
· Uddingston Grammar who won the pupil’s choice

All pupils taking part in the Go4SET Pilot in Glasgow were presented with a certificate to recognise their achievement.

The Guest of Honour, Sandra Lowson said: 'Activities such as GO4SET are excellent examples of projects that enthuse and engage young people at a critical stage in their career path. Making informed decisions at subject choice time will hopefully reverse the current trend of fewer young people studying STEM related subjects at school.'

'Between 1996 and 2006 there have been significant reductions in pupils being presented at standard grade and higher grade for these subjects, for example at standard grade a 17% reduction in chemistry and a 68.2% reduction in technological studies, at higher 28.3% reduction in physics and 32.9% reduction in technological studies. Careers in engineering are many and varied and are critical to the economy of Scotland and with a 12% increase in science occupations between now and 2014 it is vital that more young people are able to view these career paths as worthwhile and rewarding.'

Go4SET would like to thank everyone involved in the Go4SET pilot for the support and commitment to this scheme and we hope that your involvement will continue in the future.

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