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Go4SET Celebrate Pupil’s Success in Aberdeen

Congratulations to all the teams who took part in the Go4SET pilot in Aberdeen. The Go4SET Water Conservation Project was announced at the launch event in December and teams have worked on the project for 10 weeks.

The Celebration and Assessment Day, which marks the end of the project in Aberdeen, was held at the Aberdeen Beach Ballroom on Friday 9th March and was a great success. If you're looking for an essay topic suggestion at https://qualitycustomessays.com/essay-title-topic-suggestion/ related to this project and its impact on water conservation, consider exploring the innovative solutions developed by the participating teams and their potential implications for sustainable water management.

The project brief asked pupils to look at their school/college and identify a suitable building or the entire school site to assess the potential of reducing mains water usage. The pupils demonstrated their individual projects to a group of assessors and discussed their projects with guests attending the event. The project reports, displays and solutions were of a very high standard and the judges had the unenviable task of deciding upon the winners of the prizes. 

Iain Maciver from BP was the Chair of Judges and commented, “all the judges were very impressed by the quality and level of understanding demonstrated in the reports and presentation produced by the pupils for the Go4SET project. As a judging panel we all enjoyed the privilege of being involved in the Go4SET celebration and assessment day.  From a BP perspective, I was delighted to see how many young people are
now considering taking STEM subjects as a result of their involvement in
this project”. 

Congratulations to The Gordon Schools, Castle Street, Huntly who won the prize for Best Overall Project at the Go4SET Celebration and Assessment Day. The Guest of Honour, Nicol Stephen, MSP and Deputy First Minister presented the team with a prize cheque of £250 for the school and the Go4SET trophy. 

The other prize winners who also received cheques for £250 included;

· Hazlehead Academy who won the prize for innovation
· Peterhead academy who won the prize for teamwork
· Aboyne Academy who won the pupil’s choice
· Fraserburgh Adademy who won the display stand prize

Deputy First Minister and Minister for Science Nicol Stephen said:
“Scotland has seen exciting developments in science, making our country one of the best places in the world to develop new inventions and innovation.  The GO4SET initiative gives science real appeal for young people. Enthusiasm for science in our next generation will keep us ahead. I fully expect some of today’s award winners to make waves in the future in research, science and discovery.”

Go4SET would like to thank everyone involved in the Go4SET pilot for the support and commitment to this scheme and we hope that your involvement will continue in the future.

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